Sunday, April 4, 2010

See My New Blog on Adoption

At the request of several people, I have added a blog devoted to adoption issues-Family Life Education-Adoption where I can post items of interest about the complexities of adoption issues. This includes news items, separating myths and facts, adding links to blogs and web sites dealing with adoption, and providing information for those just curious about what all the “uproar” is about adoption.

To put it bluntly, there is a major downside to adoption as it has been practiced for decades that few of us realized. The upside is, with education and understanding, together we can do something about it. Exactly, what is the “it?”

“It” has several components-over a million adoptees cannot get their original birth certificates, millions of birth parents do not know where their children are, many more millions have not gotten over the pain of “being given away.” In spite of what most of us believe, telling a mother she is not giving her baby away, she is giving it more, does not heal the pain either mother or baby live with the rest of their lives. Many years ago, we thought we were right and adoption had only positive outcomes. Now we know that has never been true for many millions of people.

Yes, I know, I used “millions” so often that it has no meaning. Let’s put this into perspective. In 2009, Missouri’s estimated population was just under 6 million. Some authorities have guessed that is about the number of adoptees in the United States. Idaho’s million and a half may equal the number of adoptees that cannot get their original birth certificate for any reason. Yet, they have died in wars defending us without ever knowing who they really are. Something is wrong with this picture. Check out my new blog Family Life Education--Adoption

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