Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall is Here

Where does the time go? School and classes for young and old consumes a lot of time. gardeners and farmers in many areas are busy reaping the rewards of their labor (I hope). In some parts of the country there has been snow already. Yes, fall is here.

Many young people going off to classes, especially those leaving home, are running into many temptations with some disastrous results. Many have over-dosed on drugs or alcohol, not always fatal, all of them could have been.

Why is this happening? Partly because some parents have kept too close a reign on their children and have not allowed them to make choices when they were at home. One lady told me she had demanded her 18 year old son be home by 9:00 during the week and 10:00 on the weekends. She said he went to church with her and knew the evils of drinking and doing drugs. She could not understand how he nearly died from a drug overdose in his first week of college.

Parents, we must let our children have some freedom so they will be able to make better choices when they are on their own. There are many parenting web sites, blogs, and articles. Check some of them out and talk to your children at all ages. don't be afraid to say you do not know and then search for the answers together.

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