Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holidays and Summer

This Memorial Day weekend signals the start of summer for many people. It also means many children are out of school. It is a time of vacations and swimming pool accidents.

Assign someone to watch the swimming pool to insure no children drown. Drink responsibly and do not drive while drinking. Do not ride with drunk drivers. Watch for children playing in the streets. It only takes a few minutes to end a life or to change a lifetime.

Have a safe and sane Holiday and Summer!

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  1. Family Life Education-

    Your thoughts on summer are so important. As a person who grew up on a lake in summertime, I'd point out that one of the common dangers is drinking while boating. Folks take boats out while drinking, or have barbeques by the water, and lose their good judgement. Meanwhile, kids are running to the water, splashing around, all without sound supervision.