Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is the beginning of an new adventure for me. I read blogs, but here I am trying to put one together. Everyone assures me it is easy, so we shall see.
I will talk about a variety of family issues and situations such as family violence, adoption, incest and child sexual abuse, grandparents raising grandchildren, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and many other topics.
To make this a valuable learning and sharing tool, I need your input. It will do no good to think something without sharing it for others to read. I write books and speak to groups of people. I do not use anyone's name and will alter certain things to maintain everyone's privacy. I have always promised to keep identities private even if I have to say I made it up. I continue that promise.
I will organize my topics and start getting my feet wet as a blogger in a few days. Stay with me and offer subjects you would like to discuss.
Until next time, Alice

Remember: once you write it on the World Wide Web, it is just wide and will stay forever. Be careful

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