Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fatal drug overdose: Do you tell?

Fatal drug overdose: Do you tell?

My answer is simple, “yes.”

People often think of unsavory, dirty, long haired men in dark alleys doing drugs. There are many men and women of all ages who die of drug overdose from prescription drugs and/or a combination of both legal and illegal, often mixed with alcohol. Please remember, even the “unsavory” person was once a mother’s little boy.

Often, the first thought people have when a person dies with no reason given is; DRUG OVERDOSE. It becomes like walking around that “elephant in the living room.” Nobody knows what to say. They mumble and look away. We should not be ashamed of our loved one. We do not have to agree with how a person lives, but the love should always be there.

I told my son if he died of an overdose, I would tell the world. It might make one of his friends realize how fragile life is and lead to them getting into recovery. Thank God I did not have to do that.

Drug user companions often do not feel welcome at the funeral or memorial service, and unfortunately they are usually right. In their pain, loved ones often blame them for not doing something, not understanding that person had free will. It could have been any one of them. There are no easy answers when it comes to drug addiction and the pain that goes with it.

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