Saturday, January 16, 2010

Drug Overdose

The early morning started out rotten.

A mother I know quite well called to ask advice about “pulling the plug” on her brain-dead son. He was not yet 20 years old and there was no way for him to recover from a drug overdose. She had to make the decision. We talked for over an hour.

She cussed, she cried, she prayed. She accused me of not understanding. She laughed when she recalled something funny when he was a kid. She blamed herself for not being a better mother. She blamed others for not helping him. She ranted and raved about how unfair life is. After a few minutes of silence, she went to do what had to be done; pull the plug.

She was right. I did not have to make that decision, but during the many years my son did drugs. I knew one day I might have to make that decision. Today he has been in recovery for 10 years. Even then, that does not mean he will never become an active user. He has to count the days, I can not stop the love.

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