Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drug overdose, a cat, a good ending

Drug overdose, a cat, a good ending

A friend came into my sewing shop to tell me about Mr. Kitty. She and Boyfriend use drugs. He had fallen asleep on the couch and she went to bed. At some point during the early morning, Mr. Kitty jumped on the bed meowing and tried to dig her out of the covers. She yelled at him and pulled the covers over her head. He persisted, scratching her forehead. Throwing back the covers, she chased him down the hall and he jumped on Boyfriend’s head scratching his face and forehead. She shook Boyfriend and he felt cold. She called 911 and had Mr. Kitty not gotten her out of bed, Boyfriend would have died. As it is, it looks as if he will make a full recovery. She said she would rethink drug use.

I gave her a book that my son and I wrote about five years ago. It is “Don’t Stop the Love: For Mothers-and Others-Who Love an Addict” by Alice B. Davenport and James A. Oetting. It is available from Amazon for $10.95. It was written when I facilitated a support group for mothers of adult children with addiction problems. Some did not know where their “kids” were. Knowing the pain a mother goes through, I talked with them offering what I could. By that time, James had been in recovery for a few years. He was willing to relive those horrible times to be able to tell me what I needed to pass on to the mothers. We both knew he might go back into active addiction. We both took the chance and wrote the book. It is short (68 pages in large print) and to the point, he spoke honestly about how he felt during his active addiction.

James has been in recovery for over 10 years and talks to anyone who needs to talk about drugs or alcohol, and addiction and recovery.

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