Sunday, January 31, 2010

Conference Workshop

How addiction effects everyone

I will be presenting a workshop at the 21st Annual Growing Through Loss Conference in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Friday, February 5th. This conference covers many areas of loss and grief. The title of my workshop is “Mothers and Others who Love an Addict.”

People, who do not use and abuse drugs (legal or illegal), cannot understand what the addicted person goes through no matter how hard we try. This workshop tries to bring understanding to both the addicted and the ones that love them. You may think it odd that the emotions of both are very much the same; guilt, shame, embarrassment, frustration, pain, lack of control, and helplessness.

People with high self-esteem and respect for themselves will have no need to try drugs in the first place. If you do not try them, you will not become addicted. Sounds simple, doesn’t it. For many, it is not tempting, as they do not have to prove anything to themselves or to their friends.

For those trying to fit into a group or to stand out within a group, it is altogether different. Addiction is a strange thing. Some people become addicted very quickly, for others it takes a little longer. Once addicted, it means physical and mental pain for the person and everyone around him or her. Addiction often leads to prison, murder, or suicide. It always leads to pain; pain for him or herself, parents, children, relatives, friends, co-workers, and even total strangers.

Addiction is powerful and recovery is a continuing process. We must talk openly and honestly about addiction. Conversation can lead to recovery. Addicts must be held accountable for their actions, but our love for the person need not stop. It is never too late to start the process.

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